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Thursday, 22 September 2016
It’s no secret that it’s quite a task for children to turn their brains back on after a fun filled six weeks off, but if they need a helping hand they can take inspiration from the otters at the National Sea Life Centre Birmingham!
Always looking to challenge their problem solving skills where possible, the underwater attraction has teamed up with KRUUSE and treated the furry friends to a cool activity mat which keeps their little minds active and has them entertained for days on end.
The BUSTER ActivityMat presents the user with a range of problem solving tasks which massively helps their development. With any group of tasks, some they find easy, and some they find more difficult, but that’s the whole fun of it. Take a look for yourselves

Chris Gamble, Displays Supervisor at The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham, said: “Every time we bring the mat out for playtime you can just sense the excitement in the otter enclosure, their distinctive squeaking sound gives it away! Since the arrival of the mat we have come to admire the determination of the otters as they will rarely let a problem beat them, even if it takes them a while to solve.
“We would also like to say a huge thank you to KRUUSE for donating the mat as it has given the otters endless amounts of fun!”

You can of course see the otters and the other sea life in action by visiting The National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham. You can buy tickets on the door, or pre-book online to pay advance prices and save. 

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