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Tuesday, 27 September 2016
Bedtimes, always something in which people talk about when they have children, recently we decided to take up the #BepanthenBedtimeChallenge with Bepanthen. The challenge is for us to share our bedtime routine and evening nappy change experiences with you whilst using Bepanthen nappy care ointment helping prevent the causes of nappy rash. 

Isla started sleeping through the night from an early age, until around 9 months and she's woke at least once most nights for milk, having a quick drink and going back to sleep. Her nappy remains on for the whole evening though as she wakes early into her sleep. 
When she first started sleeping through she would occasionally wake up with a sore bottom, we used some creams bepanthen infact. But then we stopped when it cleared up, but shes recently started getting her molars and when teething I always prefer to use a nappy ointment to help protect her from nappy rash. 

Bedtime Essentials

As for our bedtime routine, every other night the children have a bath, they both have delicate skin so it works best to stop it drying out. Following their bath we get into pyjamas, have a story and into bed. When getting Isla ready for bed, I apply a thin layer of Bepanthen nappy ointment to help protect her before placing her nappy and pyjamas on. She has a story with Jack before going into her own bed and having milk before sleeping. 

By using the Bepanthen as part of our bedtime routine, Isla's bottom has been less red, and she seems much more comfortable in her nappies when waking. Bepanthen is very pleasant with no hidden nasties. 

Bedtime Essentials

Our Bedtime Essentials
Story Book
Bepanthen Nappy Ointment
Baby Wipes

Bepanthen form's a breathable and transparent layer which protects even the most delicate of skin against the causes of nappy rash. Not only does the ointment help protect your baby's bottom, it also cares for it with pro-vitamin B5 gently aiding the natural revovery of babies skin. 

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