#WeightLossWednesday - Week Two

Wednesday, 21 September 2016
So, this week saw my first full week on my new healthy living journey, because I cannot call it a diet. 
Last weekend following my weigh in on the Friday, I seemed to mess up, eating whatever I wished knowing I was going away on the weekend. On the weekend following work we went away to go to IWM Duxford Airshow which was fantastic. I knew I was never going to stick to it, and count any points or anything but I was getting in lots of steps. I had a sneaky weigh in the Monday morning following and had put on an impressive 5lbs! I know amazing right?

I know I shouldn't have done this and was convinced for the remainder of the week that I wouldn't loose. On the Tuesday I was working and didn't have chance to sort all my lunch in the morning. The lunchtime saw me purchase a piece of cake, however I impressed myself and never ate it. For me this was a big step, and I still haven't eaten it it's made its way to Jack. 

I took on some personal fitbit challenges and attempted to get my steps as high as possible to work off the excess weight I gained. Ensuring I was reaching my daily goal and keeping moving. 

So my actual weigh in, I managed an impressive 2.8lb loss from the previous week, so after Mondays weigh in was 7.8lb. I was so relieved to have lost and even more to have lost almost 3lbs. 

Heres hoping I can continue to loose each week. 

I've made a separate Instagram for my journey which you can find here if you wish. 

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