Wednesday, 28 September 2016
Its Wednesday again, don't the weeks just fly past or is that just for me?
My second full week this week, and I have to admit I kind of hoped for more but I'm coming in with a loss of 2.4lbs.

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I do have to keep telling myself slow and steady wins this race, but I'm also the kind of person who expects it all off in an instant.
So yes this week, I had a fairly good week we went out on the weekend as usual and I made the best choices I could which obviously helped. But loosing a little each week means my skin can return normally, I hope

My fitbit week wasn't as impressive starting off well at the weekend, but not getting as much in during the week. If your on fitbit we could share our journeys, it may actually encourage me, my profile link is here

This week, I also have something exciting to announce, I've teamed up with Sim's Life to bring you the #WeightLossWednesday linky back so we can all share our weight loss journey together. When I began my journey I thought Wednesday was the perfect day before discovering the linky. After speaking with Beth and Sim, we decided to bring it back to all join together so I really hope you find it useful and manage to join in with us.

If you would like to feature the #WeightLossWednesday badge, please take this code! Don't forget to tweet us! @SimsLifeBlog and @MyMummysWorld with #WeightLossWednesday!
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