An evening at Anthony John Salons, Lichfield

Thursday, 6 October 2016
On Tuesday evening I attended a lovely event at Anthony John Salons, at the Heart of the Country in Lichfield. Now I've been to Heart of the Country before, its full of lovely little stores which sell a variety of items the kitchen shop is a favourite of ours. However, in all of my visits I'd never seen the Anthony John Salon before, maybe because I wasn't looking for a salon but either way, its been there almost 5 years and never have I spotted it. 

Anthony John Salons, Lichfield

Since attending this week though, I'm actually devastated I never discovered it sooner. 

Firstly, I will start by saying I really don't look after my hair as well as I possibly should, the only good thing is I don't use too much heat on it, or too many products. But I'm not a regular to get it cut, and mainly this is down to yet finding someone I trust fully or enjoy visiting. There was a salon once but unfortunately it closed down. I was even doubting why I put my name down to attend but I'm so glad I did.

Anthony John Salons, Lichfield

Upon entering the salon, which is set in a beautiful location, you immediately walk into a calm and beautiful setting. The brightness and friendliness of the staff shines through and instantly I felt at ease, although still a little out of place. We had a tour around the salon, viewing the different client areas, who knew a salon could have so many? before embarking on some tasters of the sessions in which Anthony John Salons have on offer. 

Anthony John Salons, Lichfield

Firstly I will start with the different areas we discovered on the little tour. So upon entering you are into the reception area with comfortable seating and drinks on hand if you would like one from a selection of hot and cold dependent upon the individual. Following this you enter through to the lower level which features a colour consultation area, washing facilities, individual seating stations and also a station in which you can have the condition of your hair looked at and products recommended if any. Then there are two upper sections, the one at the far of the salon feature more seating stations for work to be done, yes there are a lot but its nice to have the space, nothing is too cramped there. Just above the reception area is the other upper area which is a seating area with more drink facilities, this is 'the balcony' in which clients can go to sit whilst their hair colour is developing, meaning they are free to do as they wish rather than confined to the individual seat. 

Anthony John Salons, Lichfield

At the evening we experienced some of the individual things in which Anthony John Salons offer with some of the staff members. On offer were colour consultations, blow drying lessons, hair styling lessons and also the camera showing the details in your hair and checking the condition. 

Anthony John Salons, Lichfield

Tony was offering the colour consultations explaining the best colours for you hair. What I loved about Anthony John Salons is they don't just do a one colour suits all type, they individually mix the colours to suit your skin tones and will mix up or down to suit accordingly. There were three members of staff who were washing hair and three members who were styling or blow drying dependent on what was required. We were explained during the hair washing which is one section I didn't have done the best way to wash and get the most from this essential part, before heading back to the seating to have our styling consultation. 

Anthony John Salons, Lichfield

I was placed with the lovely Bea, who gave me some amazing tips on curling my hair creating two different styles from one simple technique. Now you will probably think I should know how to curl my hair, but after so many attempts and never getting a look I was happy with, or curls that turned out right I always just gave up. However at Anthony John Salons, they don't do it for you, they explain and let you try yourself. Within your everyday salon, they do all this wonderful lovely treatments on you, style it beautifully and that is that - you've no idea how to recreate the look for the next 6 weeks. I found attempting it myself and having someone say no that is wrong, or yes that is it helped me a lot. 
Finally, there was the hair analysis which was done by Faye, this was amazing and very interesting. Have you ever seen a camera which can magnetize your scalp and check the condition, magnetize your hair to check the condition, No? Me neither. Using the Kerastase camera the qualified members are able to analyse your hair and recommend the best treatments for you based on the results. The camera shows amazing magnification of the hair into the roots, as well as the strand itself. 

Anthony John Salons, Lichfield

From the short space of time I spent within the salon, it was clear to see the passion of each of the staff, and their enthusiaism for their job in whcih they have. But most importantly you could see the passion in which owner Tony has, his knowledge of hair and overall enthusiasim into the care of his clients is second to none. The salon is certainly no expenses spared and I'm sure you will have a fantastic experience there. 

I will let you into a secret, whilst I was there I was thinking, 'yeh, I bet this place costs a bomb just for a haircut' but we left the event with a goodie bag and in there was a price list and its no different to what I pay at my usual salon and I certainly had a better experience there. I shall certainly be returning for future treatment at the salon and think I've talked my mum into it too. I'm so fussy with salons, but hopefully if the cut is right, I think I've found 'the one'.

Please Note: I was provided with complimentary treatments and a goodie bag however I was not required to write about the event I just wanted to share my amazing treatment with you all. All opinions are my own.

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