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Saturday, 29 October 2016
Jack was sent a lovely range of toys recently from a range we have never heard of before - Animal Jam. Animal Jam is the number one online social game for children and was created in association with National Geographic, first launching online in 2010. Its free to play and has over 45 million registered users around the world with 3 million of them within the UK. 

The Animal Jam range is full of customisable and colourful animals, pets and destinations from within the game, of which we were sent a variety to try. We were sent a cuddly monkey which Jack loves. 

Animal Jam Toy Range
The soft toys come in a range of designs which are bright and attractive to younger ones especially those who are a fan of the game. Within the tag, there is a code which you can use to activate exclusive content in the game. 

Animal Jam Toy Range

Along with the soft toys there is also the 'Adopt a Pet' range which are perfect pocket money toys. There are 96 different ones to collect priced at £2.49 each, any fan is sure to want to collect each one. These come as a little den housing a pet and two accessories to mix and match between. Again there is a code included within these to unlock exclusive content. Jack has already asked if we can go and buy some more of these as they are cute. 

Another set was the Friends with Pet which included an animal figure, a pet figure and three interchangable accessories. Again, really easy for the children to do themselves, and interchangeable with other sets too. Jack loved creating different designs with his penguin. 

Animal Jam Toy Range

Finally, we were sent the Light Up Friends with Ring, which is a collectable animal figure which has secret patterns, two interchangeable accessories and a light up ring. I wasn't sure if Jack would be keen on the ring idea, but when I showed him it showed the patterns he was keen to keep shining it to reveal them. 

I don't think you need to have known what Animal Jam is to enjoy these, although they would be a hit there too. But any child who loves to collect things would certainly enjoy these too. The sets are good values and have been a big hit here with Jack already asking for more to add in to the collection. 

Please Note: We received the above products in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are our own. 

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