Autumn Wardrobe Updates

Saturday, 22 October 2016
My wardrobe is in serious need of a mix up, since having children I've stuck to the same kind of clothing. I always admire the fashionistas who are always bang on trend looking beautiful, and as much as I try I still just look fat and frumpy, another reason to keep up the weight loss I guess. 

But, one area in which I always tend to dress for is Autumnal months, I love big chunky cardigans, wrapping in scarfs and snuggling into a big coat. But of course, season after season styles change so even come the next year there is another update. 

Transitioning to your Autumn wardrobe can be made simple though, and ideally not have to cost too much. Choosing items made with a thin knit will work well to keep you at an ideal temperature, not too hot and not too cold, remember the key is layers. Choosing thin multi layers rather than a big knit or nothing works better. The temperature changes so quickly its perfect for being prepared. 

Stick with neutral colours for staple items, this will be a key money saver, choosing your staple items in neutral colours will allow you to accessorize to add colour, choosing the same items over and over. Seasons change quickly and for me as a parent I'm a keen money saver so anything which helps along the way. 

For me though, I always spend majority of my money on a good quality coat or jacket and a perfect pair of boots. Generally choosing something which goes with everything but lasts throughout. They are items I'm wearing more-or-less on a daily basis so they need to be something to last and work well, plus they are a staple item for winter approaching.

Post in collaboration with David Nieper.

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