Introducing Daisy and Dottie

Tuesday, 18 October 2016
So if you follow me on social media, you will probably have seen we had a couple of new additions to our crazy family.

Introducing Daisy and Dottie.

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So Daisy isn't actually ours, shes my mums but of course lives here too. Then there is Dottie, shes mine.
Introducing Daisy and Dottie

First up Daisy, this year mum had a milestone birthday, she either wanted to sit her bike license or have a dog. Dog seemed a safer option so that was that. She wanted a teacup but there was none around at the time of looking that she fell in love with, then we stumbled across Daisy and it was simply love at first sight. Daisy is a Pugalier, a pug crossed with a King Charles Caviler, and she is adorable. Daisy has been living with us for 9 weeks now and we couldn't imagine life without her.

Introducing Daisy and Dottie

Next up Dottie, I've wanted a Dalmatian for as long as I can possibly remember. I always had it in my mind I would have a female dalmatian and name her Dottie. So this year when I finally got her, everyone thought I was joking with her name but nope, she's certainly a Dottie. We decided it was best to have the puppies at the same time so all the destroying was done at once and out of the way. Dottie has been in our lives for 7 weeks now, and its been a wonderful time.

In all honesty its not been that bad, yes they've eaten a little of the skirting but soon stopped, and Daisy has done lots of digging but easily fixed. Abbie, our older dog has found it lovely having some younger life around. Before we got the puppies she would mainly just lie around and not one to really play apart from with a football with Jack but shes had her life brought back and is often chasing the pups around the garden. 

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Since having the puppies, we've had lots of comments about the three dogs along with the two children but honestly I may be crazy but it's great. I have two dogs and two children whilst my mum has Daisy. Life is pretty crazy but I couldn't imagine my life without them all. 

I share lots of Dottie spam over on a instagram, you can follow us here because we love new followers. 

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