To The Lady in the Restaurant who continuously rolled her eyes...

Thursday, 13 October 2016
Last night, we were unsure what to have for tea, with all of the stresses we have going on at the moment we decided we would head out for a meal. We headed to a nearby Table Table, we normally like their food and its local so win win!

In google search, this is the tag line for Table Table 'Enjoy freshly cooked, classic pub food in relaxed and friendly surroundings. Table Table, the ideal family friendly pub restaurant.' So you think, I'll get a lovely meal, in a nice setting with friendly staff who are family friendly. Perfect with the two children - WRONG!

I'll start with, we have been to many a Table Table and its been a lovely place, affordable and somewhere we like to eat. However this one restaurant nearby has given us a different view. 

Whenever we go out, my children are generally behaved, they know what is expected of them especially when eating out. Last night was no different, they were well behaved. Isla began to get a little upset so of course this followed with a little cry (shes just 15 months remember) but it was under control, we were calming her down and her cry was settling too. 
BUT, this one not so lovely lady sat near us continuously rolled her eyes, and was saying things about my children and my parenting skills. Now I'm sure I'm not alone here in the parenting world but I don't take kindly to this. But, we were in a family friendly restaurant so I let the moment slip. Following this, the lady stormed off to another area before moving again. 

Not helping this situation were the staff, we had already had a very poor service from them but upon this they were also giving me dirty looks and making comments. Now don't get me wrong, nobody wants to listen to a screaming baby but she was crying and by this point had stopped. Yet the staff continued to make comments. 

On this occasion and certainly this restaurant location we had a terrible experience, and the first of this negativity I've experienced as a parent. Unfortunately its made me not want to take my children out again but why should we all be stopped of nice occasions just because of some staff and one lady.?

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  1. Sounds like a horrible experience! I don't have any children of my own but it really does wind me up all these people who judge other people's parenting! xo



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