#WeightLossWednesday - Not entirely on track...

Wednesday, 26 October 2016
Hello everyone! It's Wednesday again, I'm a little lost and last minute this week. 
So last week I'd put on, and was talking about how I hoped to get back into it and loose again, but well it didn't quite go to plan. 
I came to weigh in on Friday, my usual weigh day and well I'm not even sure what I put on. I weighed in and put on anything from 1lb to 9lb, originally I put on a 1lb, but then I always weigh twice to confirm, then it jumped another 8lb. I tried various times and each was varying amounts so I'm really unsure. 
However, I went in with an average, and put a gain of 5.2lbs. This is something I'm really not happy with but obviously it was all my own doing. 

Before starting weight watchers, I would never weigh in as I would always get annoyed and angry when I gained yes I know it would be my own doing, and I'm finding that happening again. 

I've eaten fairly good, just not had as much walking in my routine like I normally would. 

When I write this I'm almost at the end of my next weekly weigh in, so I can't make mega changes now but know I shall be :)

Hopefully your weigh ins have been better than mine and your all a lot more positive. 

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