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Thursday, 17 November 2016
As you may or may not know, depending if you follow me on social media, this year we had two new puppies, and this will be their first Christmas. Now if your not a dog lover this post will just pass you by or you will think people who buy for the dogs are silly. BUT, if you are a dog lover you will know they are basically a family member. For us the children love the dogs and this year they will definitely be getting a gift from Father Christmas, providing they dig no more holes that is. 

So with that in mind, this is my guide to the perfect gifts to get your puppy dogs.

Something to play with... 

Dogs big and small love to play, we found that when we got the puppies it brought the life back into Abbie our older dog who rarely played toys anymore but now does again. A toy is a perfect gift for most dogs so why not make it an extra special gift. 
Mountain Paws have recently launched a new range, and this Catch Toy is from that. It may seem like a normal frisby however its a durable flying disc specifically designed to be gentle on your pooch's mouth. It's fabric design means not only does it soar through the air for your pooch to catch but it also floats upon water for them too. It has an RRP of £8.99.
Mountain Paws Catch Dog Toy

Sometimes, you have to mix playtime up a little. Puppies especially have 'puppy brains' and loose interest in things really quick, quite possibly why one of ours has decided to eat the skirting boards. So by using something like a Busy Buddy treat dispenser, this allows playtime to be fun, dispensing treats as your dog plays with the toy. These have been something which have gone down really well with our dogs, all of them have enjoyed playing with them, and they have saved more eating of things they shouldn't be.

Christmas Gifts For Dogs

Toys can keep your dogs occupied for a long period of time, some even take to having a favourite and taking it on journeys with them. So a new rope toy or cuddly toy, even a squeaky toy would sure to be a hit with your pets this festive season. Retailers such as Feedem have a brilliant wide range, festive themed too. 

Christmas Gifts For Dogs

Train your puppy...

Training your puppy takes time, and reinforcing what they are learning can be even more time consuming going back to puppy brains. Using something like a Clik-R training tool, means your dog will soon learn to associate the click sound with a treat letting them understand they have done something well. Following from this means it won't take long for your do to learn and associate this with good behavior and training. 

Christmas Gifts For Dogs

A little bit of TLC... 

Pet hair can be irritating, not only for the owner but for the pets too, so the FURminator deShedding tool can be a perfect gift. This Christmas there is a new gift pack, which includes a deShedding tool, towel and deShedding spray for dogs or a waterless spray for cats ensuring they will be looking purr-fect this Christmas. These range from £27.50 and would be a perfect long lasting tool.

You could make your pet feel extra special this Chritmas with VetPlus' Coatex Aloe and Oatmeal shampoo. Its suitable for both cats and dogs so if you have both it can be multi-use. Coatex is a mild conditioning shampoo containing natural aloe vera extracts and oatmeal encouraging healthy coat growth. What I like about this is it doesn't remove an natural oils for the dog. 
Christmas Gifts For Dogs

As a pet owner, and dog lover I’m sure you will agree there is nothing quite as important as your pets health and wellbeing. Pettura is an exciting new range of liquid supplements for dogs which have been developed with top quality pharma-grade ingredients offering the best support for our four legged friends.  Formulated by vets, the unique Pettura range is easy-to-dose, keeping our beloved canine companions happy, active and healthy for longer. As its in liquid form it works a lot quicker than what tablets would.
Christmas Gifts For Dogs

Time for Walkies... 

Another two items from Mountain Paws new range is the shock absorber lead and muddy dog towel. Firstly the shock absorber lead, which is perfect for daily walks especially if your a runner, or have children walking your pooch. It's made from a durable nylon, neoprene and polypropylene materials featuring an elasticated section which absorbs the shock. 

Christmas Gifts For Dogs
Then there is the muddy dog towel, which is not only a gift for your furry companion but also yourself. This towel makes fast work of rubbing your dog down after a muddy walk, meaning they can get as dirty as they wish to. It's made from a highly absorbent micro-fibre fabric, which features two hand pockets making it easy to rub away any mud and water.

Something a little different...

Dressing dogs up, or adding a bit of a different style is something which is becoming more and more popular. I always remember the first time we put a bandana on one of our dogs and the theme has just stuck. So a bandana is sure to be a lovely gift to get your dog. Something which will add a bit of glamour to them as well as be eye catching. I love these ones from Floyd and Bear, which you may have seen Dottie wearing on Instagram. As Floyd and Bear are a small company a lot of love and care goes into creating each of these.

Christmas Gifts For Dogs

Another small and unsual business is Pug4Pets, during the summer I purchased Dottie one of their beautiful Pet Lockets. This year they were part of the Small Buisness Saturday Top 100, and in my opinion it was well deserved. They create beautiful hand stamped lockets which your pet can wear, and create matching pieces for owners too. You choose your own design and your pet is sure to stand out from everyone else when wearing one.

Christmas Gifts For Dogs

Treat Time...

IAMS® Minis dog snacks are the perfect treat to have up your sleeve when it's not quite meal time. They provide a tasty whilst healthy reward for any size dog. All three of our dogs have enjoyed these. They come within three flavours, with lamb and cranberry being their favourite. They are also made without gluten, low in fat and packed with vitamins so a perfect choice. 
Christmas Gifts For Dogs

Dog themed stockings, and christmas themed treats are widely available and as all dogs love these they are sure to go down well. We have had some from Feedem this year which they have enjoyed, bones and chewy treats provide hours of chewing fun, and can be great for teething puppies too along with the older dogs. Any dogs we have had within the past have always enjoyed a bone treat every now and again so these are sure to go down well. 
Christmas Gifts For Dogs

If you have real luxury you could always treat your pooch to a luxury dog bed from they have a beautiful Cecil dog bed, although a little on the top of the market priced at £270.

Hopefully, these have helped you find some lovely quirky gifts for your pets this Christmas time. 
Christmas Gifts For Dogs

Please Note: Some of the above products we received free of charge in exchange for a feature within the post, some I've chosen as I love them whilst others I have purchased. None of this has influenced my decisions on what I write.

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