#WeightLossWednesday - Loosing my mind

Wednesday, 16 November 2016
Its Wednesday again, this time soon rolls around, I feel like I've only just wrote last weeks post. This week we are still on the same theme. I'm still really not in the mindset for this new lifestyle.
10 whole weeks I've been attempting weight watchers now, and my subscription is nearly at the end for this term, I'm still a little undecided if to renew it or not with Christmas coming up.

I seem to have lost my mind and motivation, I start out with good intentions each week, that I will stick with the diet try and fit in some exercise and then I just hiccup and the next thing I know we are a few days before weigh in and I doubt I can pull it back and just carry on.
I don't want to carry on like this but I just do, its what I've always done and I'm finding it hard to break the mold. On top of this, home life has been crazy and then work has been stressful, honestly the stress that place gives me I should be super skinny and I only work two days! This has all made me turn to my comfort in food.

Then we get onto the fluid intake, or lack of. Upping my fluid intake has always been something I've struggled with for as long as I can remember. I've tried on numerous occasions to drink full daily amounts and I just struggle. I know in the long run this is massively affecting my loss overall.

Then we come to the weigh in and this week I'm coming in with another gain, which I expected. It's only +0.4lbs and it could have been so much worse and luckily it wasn't. However I'm writing this on Tuesday evening and I weighed last Friday so it could all be much worse by now.
I need to book up my ideas before I'm kicking myself at how much I could have lost.

I hope your weeks have all been better.

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