Our Christmas Eve Box

Wednesday, 28 December 2016
Last year we did a Christmas Eve box on a small scale, with no box but with the goodies we would have generally placed inside. However this year I decided I would get the children a box which would grow with them and become part of our traditions for Christmas. 

I brought a beautiful box from a friend on Facebook and we've had so many lovely comments about it. PS, if you'd like your own check out Scarlet Dreams on Facebook.

Our Christmas Eve day was as normal, then on the evening we got our box out and looked at our goodies. This year we were lucky enough to be given a head start with the box with some goodies from BedzRUs. They kindly sent Jack some goodies, including a onesie, some slipper socks, a microwaveable snowman which warms up, a book, a DVD and some reindeer food to sprinkle. I added in an additional DVD I'd already purchased and some pyjamas and a bear for Isla. 

We all got changed into our pyjamas, then put on one of our DVDs, snuggled on the sofa and watched away. Isla only managed to make it through part of Paw Patrol before heading up to bed, but Jack and I continued to watch the remainder and our other DVD. We then went outside to sprinkle our reindeer food, before heading to bed for our bedtime story. 

We read 'The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas' which was sent to us, which Jack thoroughly enjoyed. He enjoyed seeing what the dinosaur would eat next and really enjoyed the messy ending. Jack was so excited for bedtime ready for Santa coming but amazingly he went straight to sleep and slept all evening. 

Do you have a Christmas Eve Box? What do you include within yours?
Please Note: Some goodies were provided by BedzRUs for the purpose of this post. 

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