Reflecting on our year in the #WeanTeam

Wednesday, 21 December 2016
This time last year, we were just beginning to think about starting on our weaning journey with Isla, thinking more about introducing 'real food' to her and beginning another messy trail. Before beginning our journey with HiPP, Isla had three small tastes of food but nothing I would say was our weaning journey

The past year has seen Isla and I be part of the HiPP Organic #WeanTeam, an exclusive opportunity alongside HiPP Organic. What an adventure it has been! 

This time around, I've found the weaning journey a lot easier, and not as stressful as I did with Jack. With Jack I was set to follow what I was told, but with Isla, shes took it at her own pace. Trying new foods and replacing her milk intake slowly as she feels necessary. 

Lots of new facial expressions

During our time in the #WeanTeam we've documented many of our exciting new stages and shared with you along the way. Its certainly been incredible to be part of this exclusive team. Having the team on hand when I've had any questions and just simply being given encouragement along the way, the team have been fantastic. But, not just to us as part of the #WeanTeam but HiPP Organic supports families every step of the way, offering help and advice each step of the way. Most importantly, HiPP offers a range of nutritional, tasty foods suitable for each stage of weaning.

#WeanTeam December 2015

#WeanTeam December 2016

The past year have seen so many wonderful milestones met, along with incredible memories. Just over a year ago now I first met the other families on the team, then just last month we met up again for our graduation

We got to see some brand new product launches before others, our favourite being the bath range, its our go-to bath range now especially the duck hand-wash, both the kids and even visitors love this.

Trying the new range of porridge pouches.

However without a doubt, my favourite memory has to be my incredible trip to Podagi, Poland to visit the HiPP farm. A trip I would never have got to go on without being part of this incredible journey and one which has changed my views on organic foods forever. 

I am certainly going to miss being part of this team, however our time has come to graduate from weaning as Isla is eating more and more like we do each day, just using a few more hands than we do. 

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