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Friday, 6 January 2017
Since moving last Summer, I often find it hard to find reliable people when needing something doing. I've tried looking on local pages on facebook but often get inundated with responses which don't even match or even let down when I do choose to book. It's made me loose all faith in that. Theres also the matter of knowing I won't be ripped off too. 

Recently I discovered Bidvine, which I've found so useful and so far, much better then those pesky sites. Its so simple to use, in fact a little way to easy! 
Bidvine takes all of the hassle out of the searching process simply visit the website or download the app, fill in your details and await the quotes coming back to you. Of course I'm looking at this from a new to the area kind of aspect but even so, when we lived near family asking for recommendations and getting multiple 'perfect' choices from each was hard. 

I opted to look for photographers in Birmingham, seen as its a large area there is a large choice too. I opted for portrait family photography seen as I want to update and have some images of all of use. When using Bidvine to search I was able to narrow down the type of photography portrait for me and then answer a few simple questions. By answering these it enables the quotes to be tailored to me, meaning I'm not having to talk to several different companies to then find out they aren't actually suitable or a match. I was even able to put in my budget and whether or not I wanted to travel to them. 

However, its not just for looking for photographers, there are many different professions included such as personal trainers, furniture assembly, catering and cleaners to name a few. There is also then lots of further choice within the categories such as photography, you can choose wedding, baby, family, portrait or pet to name some of the choices. 

I would highly recommend giving Bidvine a go to help you find a perfect match for your local services in which you may be looking for. I certainly found it very helpful. 

In collaboration with Bidvine.

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