Project 365 | 2017 - Week Two and Three

Saturday, 21 January 2017
January 7th - Cheeky madam sitting on the arm of the chair...

January 8th - No photos today :(
January 9th - Show and Tell at school today and Jack decides to take all the bears for Goldilocks.

January 10th - How gorgeous are my earrings?

January 11th - I think some little puppy left behind some evidence...

January 12th - Trying on your big brothers swimming goggles, such a fun activity.

January 13th - Snow prints view, finally a small dusting of snow, was attempting to get the dog from the bedroom window but she kept hiding.

January 14th - We went to do a review this evening and I loved this quote.

January 15th - Finally finished painting our downstairs bathroom, brought the paint a while ago but decided to do this weekend, selfie time.

January 16th- Another no photo day. 
January 17th - The girls at work recommended these as a Protein boost, yep I didn't even manage this one serving...

January 18th - Poorly boy off school today with high temperature.

January 19th - Bedtime Pouts...

January 20th - The mini one caught the high temperature so sporting being poorly today

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