#WeightLossWednesday - Kicking Myself In...

Wednesday, 25 January 2017
Ok, so this whole weight loss thing has not started how I hoped it would. 
In fact this year its not even started at all. 

So, I've weighed in again, I'm still the same as the beginning of the month, and hopefully I can try and work on this. 
Ashley is trying his best to loose some weight, and has joined the gym. I think with him now in a similar mindset I will hopefully be able to work at it. 

Today, I'm going to try and start the Couch to 5k taking the dog with me to get her exercise in too at the same time. I'm hoping to find out my fit bit again although I can't quite remember where I put it. 
I'm hoping that bit of exercise will start me on the right path and with that and some healthy eating and drinking enough I will be able to set the path straight. 

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