Capturing Memories with Tipitoe Footprint Kit

Monday, 27 March 2017
I absolutely love creating memories with the children, they grow up so quickly and I want to capture them being small. When Jack was smaller we brought and did an imprint kit, it wasn't the best but none the less we have his prints. Isla however I've never took her prints, and looking back I wish I had captured them earlier. 

Recently we were given the opportunity to review the new Tipitoe Footprint for Toddlers kit, the kit is aimed at those 6 months - 36 months and comes beautifully presented within a compact sleeve. We opted to have the pink but it is also available within blue, along with kits for smaller babies. 

On the rear of the sleeve there is space to write your child's details along with when the print was made. I feel this makes it extra special, getting to remember when you did the keepsake. Inside of the box is two sections - one for each footprint. 

Unlike other kits we've come across within the past, this kit has the imprint area made from orthopedic foam and is child-safe along with mess-free. 

Along with the kit itself you get an instruction leaflet which gives details on how best to capture the imprint. It recommends for toddlers under 24 months to do it whilst sleeping, but with Isla thats near impossible so with the help of Daddy we attempted whilst awake. 

Making the actual imprint was easy, keeping Isla fairly still and her feet away from the other side was the problem. To make the imprint, you place the foot which is relaxed onto the foam and then press the toes and foot in to make the imprint. Not too hard though, although you only get one chance. 

Once you have your prints done, the kit is provided with a clear sheet protector which you put over the top in order to protect the prints for years to come.

The Tipitoe sets are available from JoJo Maman Bebe with an RRP of £15 which I think is reasonable for the kit and effectiveness. 

Please Note: I was provided this kit in exchange for an honest review, however all words and opinions are my own.

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