Our Summer Bucket List.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017
With that little flash of summer we had the other week, its got me thinking about our plans for the summer. I mean the six weeks holidays will soon be upon us and if I don't start thinking, we will end up missing out again. 

So what do we want to achieve this summer?

A Beach Visit - Isla is yet to have had a proper visit to a beach and play within the sand, we visited one when she was little but she didn't get out of her pushchair as she was too small. It was the year before last so thats the last time I took Jack too. He has been since with family but I want to build a massive moat and sandcastles with them. 

A Wedding - This summer, my friend is getting married, so we have that on our plans too. I'm looking forward to dressing both the children up for the occasion although I'm yet to find myself an outfit. I'm thinking something more along the lines of a luxury outfit than just a standard summer dress, its not very often we get to dress up. 

A Train Visit - Our summer wouldn't be complete without a train visit, so one of those will happen somewhere in the holidays, maybe even a couple of visits. Jack absolutely loves trains and we are hoping to take him to all of the ones within the UK eventually so crossing off one or two more would be great. 

Some Crafting Time - I'm well aware not every day will be hot and sunny or that we will be able to get out, but rather than just sit around, I'm planning some summer themed activities we can do indoors to bring summer inside. 

A BBQ - Jack keeps asking for us to have a BBQ, and since our garden isn't complete just yet, we don't have one. But we plan to go around to family members to enjoy a BBQ like we have done on previous years. 

Forest Walks - We are lucky where we live and the local area surrounding us. I plan to get out to the National Trust locations or even just the forest nearby so we can explore.

Celebrate my Birthday - This is of course the most important right? I don't actually do anything for my birthday now we have the children, but we still celebrate with a little party and cake so we will ensure we get that. 

I cannot wait for summer to arrive, so we are able to get on with our plans.
What do you have planned for summer? What else should I include?

This is a collaborative post.

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