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Friday, 18 August 2017
We are at that stage with Isla, where dolls are currently everything. She loves taking her 'babies' for walks around the house and taking them out in the car. She often wants them in the bath with her, but they never have been yet. So, when we received a Bloopies bath doll from IMC toys, I knew it would be a big hit. 

Bloopies Bath Dolls come in 6 different characters, all of which have their own unique swimsuit and flippers and a snorkel mask to match. They are designed to go into the bath - so perfect for us when Isla wants a doll in the bath. 

Although this is designed as a bath time toy its not like other toys you would consider for bath time. It can be used in and out of water and has lots of functions and perfect for role play. Although the flippers don't come off, Isla still made lots of use with our Bloopies doll in different scenarios. 

When she first saw the doll she immediately wanted it open and to play with, and even more so when I gave it her for bath time too. You see these are made from a durable rubber which is suitable from 18 months old and perfect for use in the bath. 

The Bloopies doll has many in the bath features too, as she is able to squirt water and blow bubbles. We found our doll to be a little stiff to push, especially for Isla. The outer side of the doll is firmer than the tummy area which is the area designed for you to push, it took some getting used to and positioning but we got there in the end. However we were easily able to watch her blow bubbles under the water. 

Both children had loads of fun playing with this and it kept them amused in the bath for a lot longer than usual, and with an RRP of £14.99, I would certainly say it is worth the money. These dolls are available from most toy retailers. 

Please Note: I received this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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