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Tuesday, 29 August 2017
I've mentioned a thousand times over, both my kids are obsessed with PJ Masks, so when they were sent a PJ Masks magazine, given slight arguing they absolutely loved it. 

The PJ Masks magazine is a monthly magazine aimed at pre-school children, and like all magazines aimed at pre-schoolers they tend to be age-appropriate and this one was no different. 

Initially both children were attracted to the toys which come with the magazine, in this issue, this included keys to the cat mobile, a spy camera and flash, and a disk launcher watch. Jack immediately wanted the watch whilst Isla had the keys, clearly she was the getaway driver. They were made from a cheap plastic and were rather flimsy which was a shame, one week later the keys and camera are still in tack, the watch however broke two days later. I guess it was potentially over used in its short time. 

After a little while, Jack was ready to sit down and investigate what was included with the magazine. There was plenty to explore and do within the magazine with many activities which were bright and inviting, and certainly going to keep them occupied and interested. Included are stories, colouring activities, crafts - including making your own cat car, games, puzzles, sticking and a large pull out poster amongst other things. The stickers, which are generally the bain of my life are all related to activities with none left over. 

All of the activities were all fully enjoyed by Jack and have kept him occupied for a length of time. For me this is well worth the £2.99 and although the toys didn't last, the activities were age-appropriate, enjoyable and helped him learn. 

The magazine is available from all good retailers, and certainly one I would recommend to all PJ Masks fans. 

Please Note: I received this magazine in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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