Where will you go with Travelodge's #FamilyFestQuiz ?

Thursday, 10 August 2017
Recently Travelodge got in touch to see if I'd taken their #FamilyFestQuiz to find out our family's festival personality. I love these interactive quizzes, I love seeing my results and as I have never been to a proper festival, be it musical or food related, I thought it would be an interesting one. I know have I even lived? 

I've wanted to go to a festival for a while, I'm going to put it on my bucket list. Since having children I've often looked at the children's festivals and thought about taking them but never got around to it. Before children I didn't even know there was family friendly festivals - I mean would a festival even suit children. 

Back to the quiz, my results showed we are 'A Family Of Foodies'. This is completely us, we love cooking and preparing dishes and of course then eating them. We all enjoy cooking together as a family. The quiz suggested Jimmy's Festival to us as a good one to visit, it's one I've never heard of before but since looking it up I think it would be right up our street. 

I've played around with the results and was interested to see the others too. I've also looked up the top family festivals in 2017 and so many of them caught my eye. I'd love to attend some festivals with the children next year, and its amazing how many Travelodge's are also nearby too. This would make it so much easier to attend and stay over. 

Have you taken the #FamilyFestQuiz yet? What was your results?
Also, do you recommend any family friendly festivals for me to look into?

Please Note: This post is in collaboration with Travelodge.

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