#Blogtober17 - Babies

Monday, 2 October 2017
So following on, todays prompt is babies, one I'm possibly a little more confident in writing about as they literally are my world. 
I always knew I wanted at least two, ideally three. Being an only child, I've always missed having a sibling, someone who is always there to play with, someone to grow up with and someone to just share things with. 

So we will start with my first baby, Abbie Dog. Ashley and I got Abbie not long into our relationship around a year. We had her from a puppy and it was clear she was the rut of the litter. She is 8 years now and will always be our first baby, despite not being a human. She is as soft as a brush and has been through a hell of a lot with us. 

Then we move onto our actual babies.

Jack our first born. 
You came a little sooner than I even expected, I had my life all planned out, married at 23, first child at 25. You decided when I would become a mother, just before my 20th birthday I found out I was expecting, getting caught on the pill. I wanted a girl, daddy wanted a boy - he got his wish, whilst I spent a little time experiencing gender disappointment. After a lot of grief with an anterior placenta and not feeling movements, many a hospital visit with daily visits at the end you finally entered the world on Monday 20th February 2012 at 18:37. What a turnaround our lives took that day, I never knew the overwhelming love you could get for a child until you were born. 

Isla our second born. 
Again an unexpected little baby, we had our wedding booked and we planned for another child once married and in our own place, but again a pill mishap and here we were again pregnant with our second born. I went for a private gender scan with you, just with your brother so that for a short time just us and your Nanny would know your gender, a little time without having to tell the world. Your brother was so excited he loved seeing your little body upon the screen and I knew right then he would look after you. Again faced with an anterior placenta, but this time you seemed to be a lot more fierce, I could feel your movements past this, you were constantly fidgeting and kicking within there. I had a planned c-section with you despite a natural birth with your brother. On Monday 29th June 2015 at 16:48 you arrived into this world, looking exactly like your big brother only with very light hair and hardly any of it, and much fairer skin. I never imagined loving another child as much as I did Jack, but it seems I could. 


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