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Saturday, 25 November 2017
This month you may have seen that HECK sausages had a slight re-brand on their packaging and are now called CHECK; well its all for a good cause. 

The company are helping to raise money towards the Movember Foundation through the sale of the sausages whilst reminded and encouraging men to CHECK. Last year was when HECK began this journey and after the great success have decided to again this year. 

There is a personal story behind this for HECK too, as their very own Jamie Keeble, co-founder, found a small lump in one of his testicles which turned out to be cancerous. After his own diagnosis he realised the importance for more young men to be aware of the signs and symptoms; with research commissioned by HECK they discovered two thirds of men don't know what cancerous lumps feel like within their testicles. 

When HECK asked me to help out with this, I was happy too. Saving lives with a simple re-brand and sausages - what better way! 

We teamed our sausages with two of our favourite vegetables, to encourage you to check your meat and two veg. We had a carrot and swede mash, teamed with our heck sausages and an onion gravy. 
Without being in a recipe form as its simple enough, we boiled our carrots and swede whilst our sausages were in the oven. We then set to frying some onions until slightly caramelised and adding to a stock made of oxo, red wine and seasonings. Nice and simple and all complete within 25 minutes. 

HECK's special CHECK sausages are available now within various supermarkets raising money towards the Movember Campaign - which is a fantastic cause. 

Guys, and gals, remember to check your meat and two veg and see your doctor for anything suspicious. 

Please Note: We received two promotional packs of sausage in exchange for this post, all words and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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