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Monday, 19 February 2018
On the weekend, we visited Twycross Zoo, which is located in Leicestershire - easily accessible from Junction 11 of the M42 and clearly signposted. 
This is generally a little early for us to start visiting the zoo's as we always find the animals aren't out as much due to the colder period, however, we still got our fair share of seeing the animals - and it wasn't overly busy like in the summer period. 

Twycross Zoo isn't the largest zoo that we have ever paid a visit too, however, this does not make it any less enjoyable. There are plenty of different areas to explore, and trails to follow with many hidden delights to explore. We spent half a day there, but if it was warmer, we could have easily spent the whole day there. 

Twycross Zoo is renowned as a specialist primate zoo, and the only zoo within the UK where you can see all types of great ape. However, it's not all about the monkey's and apes, there are plenty of other animals to see too, including birds, leopards, elephants and a firm favourite of ours, the giraffes. 

We let the kids take the lead, and explored the way they wished too. First up, paying a visit to the monkey enclosures which are on the left-hand side as you go through the entrance. Both Jack and Isla loved looking through the different gaps, at the different species of monkeys, before heading to look at them outside. 

Next up we went over to the meerkats and leopards. The meerkats were a firm favourite for the children as the window spaces were low enough for Isla to be able to see independently at the different animals. They looked at who was on watch out and which were burrowing. Before we headed over to play hide and seek with the leopards. Many were hiding towards the back of the enclosures so we would see who could spot them first. 

We then progressed on through Wet 'n' Wild to look at the penguins, flamingos, cranes and through Borneo Longhouse at the different birds and pelicans. Penguins are always a firm favourite here, watching them waddle on land before jumping and swimming underwater. Twycross, have a slope allowing you to watch them under the water, this was a little unclear for the children to see unless the penguins were swimming close to the glass, but when they came close, they both tried to race the penguins to the other end. Providing endless entertainment for them both. 

We headed from there up towards the zebras who were in and out of the beds, clearly, it was too cold before going around to the elephants and giraffes. We love these animals. The elephants were within the inside enclosure enjoying some well-earnt food and although they were towards the back of the enclosure, we still managed to get a good sight of them. We then headed towards the giraffes which Isla loved. 

Whilst we were visiting this area, we noticed they were building a new enclosure which will be 'Chimpanzee Eden' which is set to open later this year, which is looking to be an amazing enclosure with a large size and outside space. 

From here we headed around towards the apes, the gorillas provided entertainment they had recently been fed and whilst one went around collecting and storing as much food as possible, one of the younger ones was being a little sly character whilst a mother and baby came wandering through. Jack and Isla were overly enthusiastic with the 'big gorillas'. 

Whilst we were walking around the orangutans, we spotted 'Gibbon Forest' which is a new part since our last visit a few years back, and we could see them swinging around outside, so we headed over. Of course, by the time we were up there they had all resided back indoors where it was warm. We managed to spot a baby within the one enclosure which was cute. 

From here we headed to finish the final area of the park before coming back up. We did the butterfly forest, where we spotted various types of butterly, but only caught a picture of one kind, and watched some chrysalis where Jack recalled the process. From here we went on to the kids play area then onto the pets area. 

After this, we headed back up towards the lorikeets, we purchased one pot of nectar as we didn't think the kids would be too interested. Jack was crying after one landed on his head but he persevered and carried on around, then Isla wanted to feed them after our nectar pot was empty, so we did another walk around so Isla could feed them, to which Jack then decided he wanted to feed them - its amazing the encouragement another child has. 

One thing which Twycross does amazingly is the information signage about each species. All over the enclosures, there is countless information with interesting facts and a scale with the danger of extinction levels, which Jack showed interest in. 

We didn't have any food whilst at the zoo, however, there were plenty of food places to eat at, which all smelt amazing - especially the fish and chips, and plenty of little pop-up food huts around to get a drink if need be. We found that a lot of improvement works were happening, one of the parks was being revamped and of course the chimpanzee enclosure, ready for the peak season, but this in no way stopped us enjoying our day out.

Twycross Zoo is the perfect family friendly place to visit this half term with some perfect offers available. From now until 25th February 2018, you can visit for just £10 per adult and £5 per child, making it just £30 for 2 adults and 2 children, and with free parking what more could you ask for. To make it even more budget friendly you could take a picnic and eat in one of the various places throughout the park. 

Please Note: We were provided with entrance tickets in exchange for this review, however all wording is my own and not influenced in any way. 

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