A letter to myself as a first time parent... #VicksBabyRub

Sunday, 18 March 2018
Six years ago now I became a mother for the first time, I wouldn't change it for the world but I have so much advice now I wish I could give to myself back then, so many things I would do differently given the chance. I've written a letter to my first-time parent self, detailing some of the things I wish I'd have done.

Dear Zoe, 

Right now, I know you are a bunch of emotions and in a sleep-deprived blur but I promise you, soon enough you'll be getting a decent nights sleep. One morning you're just going to wake up and your sweet baby will have slept through the night - until that point try to rest and not put too much stress on yourself. 

Saviour each and every moment, take photos of you and your baby - I know right now you don't feel great, and think that as soon as you look better you will take some - but do it so you have those memories. Capturing your memories and savoring each and every moment will be something great for you - otherwise, you're likely to forget. 

Try to get out if possible, even just a short walk around the pools will be perfect for your self-esteem but if you can get to some toddler groups that will help. Not only will it allow your sweet baby to interact but you too, maybe you could make some mum friends?

Trust your instincts, honestly I know you've heard this so many times already and you are wondering how the hell you should trust something you are unaware of, but I promise you've got this. Get yourself some medicine cupboard essentials like teething gels or powders, infacol and Vicks Baby Rub - perfect to help soothe those little pains your mini one may have. 

If you need help just ask, you aren't failing if you receive help. There is no shame to having a helping hand every now and again, and keeping care of yourself is as equally important as keeping care of your little one. Don't feel like you cannot cope or aren't good enough if you ask for help. 

Try not to worry so much about money, it's hard right now, it really is but everything will fall into place. These things are set to challenge us and you will find a way around it all. 

Finally, just believe in yourself. It's so easy to get lost thinking you've no idea what you are doing but trust yourself - you are doing your best! 

Nobodys perfect, so long as you are doing whats best for you and your new little one, that is all that matters. 

Your future self. 

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