Children's Party Ideas to Save Money

Tuesday, 24 April 2018
Gone are the days when kids’ parties involved a game of pass the parcel, a bit of dancing and some cheap buffet food. With Ninja Warrior parties, football pitch hire parties, trampolining parties etc. the different available party ideas are endless. Unfortunately, the same could be said for the costs. If your child’s class have started inviting the full class to parties and you feel obliged to follow suit then it is likely to be a very costly affair unless you are going to be savvy about your party planning. Here are some ideas that could help you to save some money:

1. Free entertainment
Do you know anybody that has a skill or access to a good party venue – DJ, compere, guitar player, rock climbing teacher, someone who has a farm with animals etc. More often than not, there will be somebody within your friend network that can bring something to the table in the entertainment bracket. You can also ring around for function rooms, social clubs etc. that offer good value deals. Hiring a room and then taking care of all of the catering and other bits of the party will work out a lot cheaper than paying a soft play centre or similar to host and cater for the party.

2. Serve your own food
Catering is one of the biggest expenses and if your child is asking to go to Pizza Hut or similar then the cost can quickly escalate. So you are better to bring ‘Pizza Hut’ to your venue with some supermarket pizzas. As long as you have a good selection of sandwiches, crisps and other party buffet foods then there is unlikely to be any complaints. 

3. Arrange your own party bags
If you do decide to have your party at a venue that facilitates the party for you, you can still save money by sorting out your own quality party bags rather than using theirs. It also means that you have more control over what goes into the party bags and you can ensure that they are eco-friendly as a lot of party bags are not very green. Arranging your own sweet treats to put in can also help keep costs down.

4. Throw a sports themed party
If your child likes sports then they might love the idea of a sports themed party. All you need is a big area of grass, perhaps your local park or football fields, some equipment and prizes and you have a low budget day of fun. You will obviously need a bit of structure but think of it a bit like a school sports day but you can incorporate more fun games into the mix. The only problem is if you have bad weather, in which case you will probably need a backup plan of some kind.

5. Buy prizes in the sales
For game prizes and items to go into party bags bulk buy them when the sales are on after Christmas. You can do the same with sweets that will stay in date for ages rather than buying the week before the party at full cost. It might even be worth a trip to a wholesaler to pick up some cost-effective food, as they tend to offer cakes, sandwich trays and big fruit salads at great rates

What are your tips for saving money with a children's party?

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