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Monday, 2 April 2018
Creating the perfect garden space is something I long for, and hopefully this year we will be able to achieve that. But one thing I won’t be changing is my artificial grass.

When we moved into this house almost three years ago now we expected a slightly larger garden and had big aspirations. The reality is we kind of just shambled it all together, laying out the different areas so the kids could get the maximum play out of it that year. You see the problem with our plot, and potentially all new builds - the garden is like a mud pit. It was very boggy and the water just gathered and would take days to disappear. Walking to the tumble dryer which is in the shed at the bottom of the garden would mean lots of muddy footprints coming back in.

I’m no gardener, in fact, I really dislike weeding and pulling up anything, so anything low maintenance is key for me. We decided long before getting the keys we would get fake grass. We intended to get it straight away but had to make manage with some real grass initially. A year after moving in, we got our artificial lawn laid and it has been the best decision we ever made.

We spent ages picking a lawn which suited us best, we didn’t want one which looked overly fake so ended up choosing one with a variety of tones in, and it looks much better than next doors – but I didn’t tell you that.

However, the best thing about the artificial lawn is no more mud. We still obviously have the clay underneath which generally would leave everywhere soggy, but with all the drainage on top of that, and then the grass it quickly soaks away meaning the kids can get straight back outside to play.

The initial outlay for the lawn was quite a lot in comparison to normal grass, however, the benefits for us have far outweighed that, and it’s been the best purchase in the house so far.

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There are many benefits of fitting artificial lawn, including:
- Artificial lawns require no maintenance – well apart from the odd brushing every now and again to keep it looking good.
- It stays green, no brown mush as the weather turns.
- It’s safe for children and pets which was our main reason for purchasing it – we just give it a good jet wash down every few months to get rid of the pesky smells and mess the animals may leave.
- No mud!
- Perfect for hayfever sufferers.

So, onto our future plans, we hope to remove the bark areas because of the drainage issues and replace it with decking. We will replace the swing set with the trampoline and also get a new shed. We intend to relay the patio area and hopefully have no weeds grow through afterward. To finish it off we will be building a cooking area too. We have recently started building a large vegetable patch area which is raised, we currently have grape vines in there but will be planting others in. 

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