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Wednesday, 25 April 2018
I love a good snack, just as much as everyone else I'm sure - but some who love snacks more are my kids, especially Isla. Isla is a little grazer constantly munching her way through the day rather than eating a proper meal. However, we do have a little rule, that although they are more than welcome to snack apart from too close to meal times they need to make healthy choices with the occasional sweet treat. So, recently when we were asked to try out the new Knoppers snack bar we were keen to try them. I'd seen the advertisements and thought I'd go purchase some when just a few days later the email came asking if we would like to try them - so of course, I couldn't refuse. 

So Knoppers, what are they? Well, it's a tasty little snack, made up of varying layers of wafer, hazelnut filling of creme and nougat along with a chocolate coated wafer. When you open the packet there is a lovely sweet smell of hazelnut and chocolate which for me is amazing. However, what I find even better than this is each bar is only 137 calories, so perfect for those snacktimes or even with a warm drink, and seen as I'm currently attempted to lose weight, they feel like a lovely treat which is low in calories!. 

When they arrived, it was a swift argument over who would get first try, basically Isla ended up winning this one, closely followed by Jack before either of us adults had a look in. Upon biting them there is a lovely crunch to them with lots of flavours, due to the lovely tasty combination. 

I found the flavour combinations to be just right, sometimes you can get an overwhelming taste of one thing, but the perfectly blended mix here is just right with none of them overpowering the others. 

These Knoppers have gone down really well in our household with more placed on the shopping list for the next shop. Perfect sweet chocolate fix without an overwhelming amount of calories. We will definitely be purchasing more of these and I think they will become a regular purchase. 

Please Note: We received these in exchange for an honest review, all words and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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