Storytelling at Bensons For Beds

Monday, 30 April 2018
Last weekend we were kindly invited to look around the newly refurbished Bensons for Beds store in Wednesbury, not often do you get to visit an event so local so it made a lovely change. Whilst at the event we took part in a storytelling session which was happening, which was open to the public and their children too. For us, bedtime and stories go hand in hand, both Jack and Isla love a good bedtime story on an evening, with Jack generally reading to Isla these days whilst I read to him at his bedtime. 

Whilst at the store, not only did we get to have a nosey around the children's department, which is amazing by the way, we also listened to stories from professional storyteller, Nikky Smedley. Nikky is better known for her role as LaaLaa in Teletubbies, back when I was little, but also a writer, choreographer, director, and producer. It was amazing to see how Nikky brought the stories to life and she really didn't disappoint. 

We were first to arrive at the event, so we had a little look around, and had a little chat with Nikky but when we entered the kid's department I was amazed by the wide range of beds which were available around the store. Normally when you visit a bed store the range of children's are limited, but there was a wide variety available at the Wednesbury Bensons for Beds store. 

As a few more people arrived, Nikky stepped into her magical storytelling skirt which was beautiful and provided a perfect setting for the stories she would tell, she also placed on her storytelling crown. Nikky told a range of stories, however, both Jack and Isla loved the first story of 'The Monster Tree' - which was a funny little tale of a little boy with a vivid imagination where monsters would come from the monster tree. Nikky provided great expressions throughout the story, many which had Jack and Isla laughing along and they were really involved in the story. 

After three lovely stories from Nikky, we decided to have a wonder around the children's department, getting some ideas for Isla's room which is next on the agenda when she will also be needing a new bed. There was plenty around the store in the department to keep the children occupied, from a little wooden railway to a giant ball abacus. 

With all of the beds available at Bensons for Beds, they were all set up in beautiful little life situations to enable to you to see the beds within your own home. It will certainly be somewhere where we return too to get some ideas for Isla, and possibly pick her up a 'big girls bed' of her own. 

The lovely LifewithAmelia has wrote an update on the books she has been reading so far this year, its lovely to keep track on the books we read, not only to ourselves but also those to our children. 

Please Note: We were kindly invited along to the event and received a fee in exchange for our time there. This has not influenced the review in any way. 

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