Modern Design Trends Perfect For Your Living Room

Friday, 27 July 2018

Modern design trends that are perfect for your living room
Styling your living room is never easy. You are going to want to make sure that it is a stylish space, one that you can be proud to call your own. But you are still going to want it to be a space that is comfortable, welcoming and ideal for family life.
There are some key decisions that you can make in order to add a stylish touch to your living room, some may pick a bold colour, whilst some may go for a statement piece of furniture such as stylish wingback chairs.

One popular design trend that many people choose for their living room is modern design. But with so many takes on this design style, which one is likely to work in your living room?
Neutral rooms with a splash of colour
Neutral living rooms are incredibly popular. The main reason for this is because having a neutral colour space allows your room to grow with you, as well as opens up the room and gives you an illusion of plenty of space. Another reason that people opt for a neutral colour scheme is because it means that it will match in with anything else they may like. However, that said, neutral colour schemes can sometimes feel a little dull and uninteresting, not exactly the look that you are going to want to go for. One way that you can help this issue is to bring a splash of colour to your otherwise neutral room. Yellow works really great against grey tones and blue will look amazing with cream and whiter shades. Adding this colour will just give your room the character that you want, whilst keeping the truly stylish vibe that you hoped for.
Raw wood furniture
Some people think that modern design has to be all about the chrome and metal finishes, however, that really isn’t the case. Sometimes, you are going to find that only wooden furniture will do, and having a modern living room doesn’t mean that you have to shy away from this type of furniture. A popular modern design for wooden furniture is to choose raw wood furniture. This un-treated, rustic furniture looks beautiful in any home and really gives a room a cosy, yet still modern and stylish feel.
Velvet fabrics
Velvet may seem like something from the past, but this soft and luxurious material has had somewhat of a revamp of late. Velvet is being seen everywhere, from throws, to curtains to sofas. All to give some amazing style and texture. We love the idea of adding in velvet to your home, most of all because it feels so amazing and looks pretty great too. It is also versatile because it comes in so many colours that you can make it work no matter what your chosen colour scheme is.
Space saving furniture
It is no secret that as time goes by, the space that we have to call our own is shrinking. This means that we need to think of ways to utilise and use every inch of space that we have. Space-saving furniture has become one of the most common modern interior design trends of late, and with good reason. Space saving furniture is not only designed to be stylish, but it is also designed to be functional too. Often with more than one purpose, so that you know that you will be making best use of every single inch that you have in your living room.
Embracing nature
Plants may have always been a feature in homes, but it seems that in modern homes they have been really embraced. Plants are taking centre stage when it comes to modern homes. In many amazing shapes and sizes. The idea behind having lots of plants in your home is that they are not only bright and colourful, but they are also great for improving the air quality in your room and making sure that the air that you breathe is as clean as it can possibly be.

As you can see, modern design takes on a wide range of forms. If you like the idea of having a modern and stylish space in your home, then why not think about which of these styles will work for you and put it in place. You may be surprised by just how amazing your living room can look.

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