Keeping Safe At Home When You Thought You Were.

Thursday, 20 September 2018
Just over 3 years ago now we moved into our new house, it was a new build in a fairly nice area, yes there are some parts around which aren't but where we are is or should I say was. We live local enough to the village, local enough to the parks and a little bit of open space and close enough to school, everything we could potentially wish for, with the position we were buying a house, close enough to the city. 

We had been lucky in the respect of we had never been broken into ever that's my parents included, that was until a couple of years ago. You see as move houses reached completion more families were obviously moving in.
Around three months after we moved in, the houses opposite were reaching completion and one weekend a family were moving in. On the one evening, their home was broken into through the back doors. You see, we have since been informed the builders don't always include high standard locks, unfortunately, the builder we chose didn't. 

A few weeks later one of our cars had been broken into, it was fitted with an alarm and everything but the intruders had managed to bypass that and enter without making a noise. I guess we can be thankful that all they took was Jack's lollipop, an odd bit of parking change and keys for work, however, its the aftershock that caused. Knowing someone had been into our vehicle, fetched everything out, destroyed the back seats and boot area and nothing could be done about it was heart-wrenching. A few months after this, the home directly opposite was broken into, again without a noise and their car was stolen completely. 

We've not heard of any break-ins directly near us since these, but we have had some petty crimes happening, with our car tyres being destroyed. 

We've since tried our very best to remain calm within our house, but its not always possible. All I can think of, especially if I'm home alone is - will it happen again? will someone break in and harm the children? All of these what if's because of some individuals and their petty crimes. 

Since the incidents, we've gradually purchased some cameras to observe outside and had a monitored alarm fitted. We were fortunate when there was always someone present at home, but working shifts changed this isn't always the case now. We also have our dog on hand, and whilst she is the sweetest little dog ever, she is always there to warn us when someone is around.

We were unfortunate in the fact the police were not able to help in our cases, unfortunately they never followed it up either. However, I know they did with the two incidents across the road. However, if it did come to us needing support along the way, there would then come the hardship of finding a reputable solicitor, and let's face it sometimes that can be hard.
When looking for a solicitor to support you along your case it's important to find someone with experience, more so in the area you are looking and if we ever needed someone I would consider DPP Solicitors. They have years of experience and branches all across the country and have specialist teams in a number of areas. Whilst I live in hope I will never have to use them, it's always good to find a reputable team and have a number on hand so you can get the facts over to them in a timely manner. 

Please Note: This is a collaborative post.

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