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Sunday, 18 November 2018
Technology is becoming more prominent in the world these days. When I think of how much technology my kids are able to operate it amazes me. But, some of these are also teaching our kids things, such as Botley! 

Botley is a new coding robot on the market from Learning Resources and is simply an introduction to coding without the need for additional screens. Botley is aimed at children 5+, but both Jack and Isla were excited to try it out. When you look inside the box, Botley looks cute and friendly and is so appealing to children, coming with a 77-piece activity set. 

Inside the box, there is a Botley robot, a remote programmer, 2 detachable robot arms, 40 coding cards, 6 boards, 12 cubes, 8 sticks, 2 cones, 2 flags, 2 balls, 1 orange goal, stickers and instructions. Plenty to keep your little ones going and start their coding journey. The double-sided boards allow your children to visualise a path for Botley before programming him to follow the sequence.

Botley has two modes, the first allows Botley to follow a black line which are printed on the back of the mats. However, you can also draw and create your own line with a thick black marker which Botley will also follow - not only being more creative for Botley but encouraging those fine-motor skills too. 

The other mode is the coding mode, where your child programs instructions using the remote moving Botley from A to B. In this mode, you can use the additional pieces to navigate objects, avoid obstacles and move around the ball if you place the arms in. 

There is so much you can achieve with Botley, not only is it a fun toy to play with but is incredibly educational to the children without them even knowing it encouraging so much development. Botley is interactive for the children too with lights and sounds. 

So what are the benefits to coding? Well, coding helps children to visualise concepts and encourages mathematical development within real-world situations. Alongside this encourages their imagination and creativity. Botley is part of the STEM range (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) encouraging learning in these areas. 

Both Jack and Isla really love Botley, its been a lovely way to introduce them to coding, promote their educational development all whilst they are having fun. They have often asked to play with him since receiving it, and what I love is there is always something else they can learn from Botley and get him to do.

Some things to note though is that 5 AAA batteries are required for Botley to operate, three for the body and 2 for the remote and I generally like to see the batteries included - especially when its a pricey toy. Botley is priced around £80 and whilst for this price I would love some batteries, it does not take away the amazing quality of this. I do think it is worth the price for the flexibility you get from it and how much development is provided. 

Please Note: We received this in exchange for an honest review, all views and opinions remain our own. 

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