Siblings | January 2019

Tuesday, 15 January 2019
This year, I'm going to try and join in with the Siblings Linky again. I've seen that the lovely Lucy has moved it over to Instagram, but I still like the idea of sharing my favourites over on here and I will do on Instagram too.

My two have a lovely LOVE/HATE bond - I live in hope that happens with all siblings, but who knows. Both of them absolutely adore each other, however quite often they find little ways to annoy the other and everything just blows out of control. But, then they will do the cutest of things like cuddle up to sleep together, cuddle on the sofa and more often than not, Jack can be found reading to Isla. 

The end of 2018 wasn't particularly kind to us all, it threw loads into the mix including Isla having the paramedics out and you could then see how much they cared for each other with Jack helping them as much as he could for his little sister. 

 The end of the year we decided to wash away the cobwebs and the illnesses we had experienced and go for a wander around the local farm.

Jack has visited here many times, and was giving Isla a little tour of where everything was, telling her all about the different animals.
As it was super cold, we went to the tearooms, had a warm drink and lunch and then set off to explore again.

It was so lovely to see them both exploring and in their elements outside.

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