The advantages of artificial grass for children and pets

Wednesday, 30 January 2019
There are so many advantages to using artificial grass when there are children and pets
around, you'll wonder why you haven't replaced your natural turf already. There really is no substitute for outdoor recreation, and laying an artificial grass lawn gives your children and pets somewhere safe, clean and fun to play.

A soft landing
Natural grass really isn't ideal ground cover where children are playing. It's hard and won't
absorb the shock of a fall, meaning that any injury can be potentially more serious. Artificial grass laid over a play mat system offers a soft and springy surface that can effortlessly absorb shocks and stop a fall resulting in a severe head injury.

Accessibility for all
Play should be fun and inclusive. But if you struggle rolling a buggy over a muddy and
bumpy lawn or have a child who needs help with their mobility, natural turf can be a
nightmare. Professionally installed artificial grass has a perfectly flat surface making it
accessible for everyone. 

Good clean fun 
Your free draining artificial lawn won't get muddy or form puddles. That means you'll spend less time cleaning the house and washing grass stains and dirt out of your children's clothes and more time playing out in the garden with them in all weathers. And if your biggest bugbear is pet pawprints all over your clean house, artificial turf eliminates that problem too.

Durable and resistant
A natural lawn can't match the durability and weather resistance of an artificial lawn. The
tough fibres of synthetic grass are designed to stand up to everything your kids can throw at it, before bouncing back into shape with minimum maintenance. Your turf is fully UV
resistant and will stay looking good in the most extreme weather conditions creating a
durable and attractive surface for your children and pets to enjoy all year round.

Natural look and feel
If you like the idea of an artificial lawn but worry it will spoil the natural aesthetic of your
garden, take a look at the modern grasses on offer. Technology has improved dramatically
over the years and some lawns are now virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. That means you can enjoy the look and feel of a lush green space - and so can your pets and children.

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