Jack | Seven Years Old!

Wednesday, 20 February 2019
Seven. What an eventful seven years you've given us. It doesn't feel like you've been with us for that long though, time really does fly!

Jack, you really are one of a kind.
Those moments when you just don't listen. 
Those moments where you are a complete pain in the bottom.
But we must not forget those moments where you are the most loving boy ever. 

You are still such a little character, with a cute but cheeky little face. 
You are a crazy big brother, and you love to wind your sister up somewhat rotten, but you two are the sweetest two ever when you love each other. 

You've made some incredible changes over the past year, and honestly, we couldn't be any more proud if we tried for all you've overcome and achieved. 

I hope this birthday is as fun as it can be with what we have. It's not everything you ever wished for and hoped, and I know you'll be missing your friends today - joys of birthdays in school holidays.

I hope your seventh year brings you lots more exciting things. Next year though, maybe do less clubs?! 

Seven years of loving your sweet little face, seven years nine months of loving you!

Happy Birthday Jack! 

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