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Tuesday, 12 February 2019
Each of us in this house absolutely love milkshakes, give Ashley and I milk on its own and its a no go, but there's something about the added flavour with a milkshake. Recently we were asked if we would like to receive a package of Shaken Udder milkshakes to try out, and who were we to turn them down. 

Shaken Udder were originally born in 2004, with the idea being hatched in 2003 between Howie and Jodie. Over the years the range has grown and the stockists have grown too, and recently they updated the packaging and re-launched the kids range with a new improved recipe.

We received a lovely range of flavours, if I'm honest I just expected the usual choice, but it was much more thoughtful, and the names I loved the thought that had gone into making them stand out a little from others. 

We received 5 of the 330ml bottle range in vanillalicious, salted caramel, top banana, chocolush and strawberries and Clotted cream. We then received two of each of the children's 200ml cartons in chocolate and strawberry. 

We were all keen to get a tasting of the milkshakes and Ashley and I took choice on which flavours we were going to try, as it ended up I only ended up with the banana flavour. 

Between us, we opted that the salted caramel would be too sickly, so when my mum came for a visit she tried that one but she said how tasty it was and not overly sickly at all with an ideal balance. So that was good to know. In the meantime, Ashley had tried the strawberries and clotted cream whilst I had the banana which were both tasty. Banana is my favourite so lived up to the expectations, and I would probably go as far to say the best I've tasted without making it with fresh bananas too. 

Both Jack and Isla loved the strawberry and chocolate cartons and we've since gone on to purchase some more for them both to enjoy. They both commented on how tasty and full of flavour they were. Normally carton milk can have a funny taste to them, but these didn't seem to when I had a quick try of them. 

We each enjoyed the milkshakes, and all of the flavours went down well, there wasn't a single one any of us said we didn't enjoy. It was nice to know we were all getting some calcium and B12 too as its not easy to always get in your diet. All are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians too. 

Please Note: We received the samples in exchange for an honest review, however all thoughts and opinions are our own and not influenced in any way. 

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