Craving More Crufts: Bringing A New Dog Into Your Family Home | Collaboration [#AD]

Sunday, 17 March 2019
So, if you and your family are dog fans, you probably all enjoyed watching Crufts recently; all those cute, furry, characterful pooches can be pretty addictive. And, if you’ve already decided that you family home is ready to bring one of your own in the household, you’ll have plenty of fun and exciting times ahead. However, if you’ve done any sort of research, you’ll understand that dogs and puppies bring with them their own specific set of challenges. You’ll need to strike a balance between making them feel comfortable, happy, and welcome in their new abode, and ensuring that they’re well-trained and co-operative members of the family (kind of like with kids, teehee).

Therefore, your new dog’s first few weeks and months might test your patience a little at times; however, the rewards are endless, and you’ll end-up with a trusted friend, who loves you unconditionally. Basically, it’ll all be worth it. It’s worth preparing as much as you can beforehand so that things can go as smoothly as possible. The following are some things to consider if you’re planning to bring home a new, furry family member in the near future, and want to ensure they settle-in well.

Get Walking

Assuming you’ve sorted out any vaccinations, and your dog is fit and healthy; it’s crucial that you get them (and you) into an exercise routine as soon as possible. Walking your dog will ensure that they’re stimulated both mentally and physically; they’ll be able to socialise with other dogs, and you can join the community of fellow responsible dog owners. Get equipped with poop bags, treats, and water so that you can both enjoy a positive experience on each walk; it’s a great chance to continue training, and ensure that they’re tail is wagging more often than not.

Get Training

Much like teaching kids manners and to communicate in the proper way; training a dog can have its ups and downs. Therefore, the sooner you get stuck into this, the better for everyone. Whether you use treat training, or just a lot of praise; a dog will always appreciate understanding what it’s meant to do, and when. You’ll help to alleviate anxiety in your dog, and before long, they’ll be responding to your command obediently. Again, routine and consistency (and some patience) is what’s needed here; don’t give-up and keep persevering. It’s also a smart idea to utilise a local puppy or dog training group; the experts will help you better understand what your dog needs, and it’s another chance for you both to socialise.

Give Them Space

Just like humans, there’ll be moments where your dog just wants its own space, some quiet time, and, of course, a nap! Therefore, it’s worth ensuring that you have a couple of corners set-up in your home, where your dog can get cosy and comfortable, and take themselves away from busy family life if they feel like it. This is also an excellent way to make them feel welcome and secure, as they’ll have somewhere just for them.

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