Isla | Four Years Old

Saturday, 29 June 2019
Today, my youngest little bean is four. I feel like I've just blinked and the time is flying by. Thinking back to that 7lb5oz little baby, guzzling milk like there is no tomorrow and just being in utter awe of her.
For Isla, she probably feels like today has taken forever to arrive, as she's been asking every day since the beginning of May 'Is it my birthday now?'. 

I look back to Jack at four, and I just see an uncanny resemblance of the two, there is certainly no denying these two are siblings

For Isla, I think one of the greatest achievements for her this past year is probably beginning nursery. Isla I never sent to nursery so this was her first real encounter with others, first opportunity to make her own friends and play away from us as a family. From this, we can see how much her confidence has grown, and her attitude, she's become a little character and is full of beans. 

Her personality is beginning to show more, shes began independently playing and using her imagination more since beginning school. Deep down though, shes still a mommy's girl through and through, even when I tell her off she will still come back to me for cuddles and still likes to know where I am every minute of the day to be a shadow.

This past year, well within the past couple of months, she's finally had a bit of a hair growth spurt, and we managed to achieve piggy tails for the first time, she still likes to channel the crazy hair but sometimes we get piggies in. 

I know its so cliche but I really don't care. I cannot believe the changes this little peanut of mine has achieved. Heres to the next year and many more changes as she begins full-time school. 

Happy 4th Birthday, baby girl. 

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