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Thursday, 8 August 2019
The Summer holidays are well and truly in full swing now, no matter where you are in the UK. Planning activities to do with the kids to keep them occupied for the whole Summer, to minimise the risk of constantly hearing 'I'm bored' or shoving them in front of a screen can be tricky, the cost can be the main issue for this. 

That's where HTI have come in to help, just before the end of term, we received a box full of pocket money toys from them, perfect for keeping the little ones occupied this summer. Within the box, there were lots of goodies which could be used both indoors and outdoors, depending on how the weather was. 

On opening the box, Jack reached straight for the Diabolo and Isla for the Squidgi-mals. 

Isla loved the Squidgi-mals, they were just like your standard soft toys, however, when you squeezed them, they would slowly puff back out as they were super squishy inside. They have small pieces you can hang them from, which Isla clipped to her bed and had them in there with her. 

The Juggling Diabolo was first for Jack to try. I remember having one of these myself as a child, and spending ages mastering it, I did eventually learn many tricks with it, but it seems age has lost these as I couldn't manage many to show Jack. Jack spent time getting it to sit on the rope, and slide from one side to the other and once he mastered this spent time trying to flip it up - hes yet to succeed but gives him something to practice over the remainder of the summer. 

The softball and frisbee also provided loads of fun. The frisbee is quite strong and seems to be made well, not flimsy plastic. Ashley took the kids up to the park to throw the frisbee around and provided the children with a good half hour run around between them. The softball has been thrown around more times than I can even count without the worry of hurting anyone when it hits them too, which is always an added bonus. 

The extendable fishing net led to lots of imaginative play, being used in the swimming pool to catch different bugs that had landed, and various toys they had put in, being used to try and catch butterflies and also to catch the softball received within the pack. 

The boules received consisted of 8 plastic, water-filled balls in four different colours. These were by far the biggest hit, and although we've had some in the shed for ages, they've never been something they've reached to play with but for some reason, they spent ages playing with these. The boules set reminded both Ashley and me of our own childhoods, a game we would both enjoy when we were younger ourselves. 

Children love anything that revolves around toilet humour for some reason, and ours are no different. We received a Slingshot Poop and Sticky Poop which they had fun playing with. These provided some jokes on others at the arms of the children. 

All of these pocket money toys have already provided hours of fun so far since having them, and I can be rest assured they will provide more for the days in which we don't have anything planned this summer. We have already said we will take the boules and frisbee to the beach. There is plenty to fuel the imagination of children and encourage them to enjoy their summer holidays.

The toys ranged in price from £1.49 to £5,49 for the larger items such as the boules. All are reasonably priced and affordable for most. Toys which children purchase themselves with their pocket money are often better looked after, or is that just how my children work?

Please Note: We received the toys in exchange for an honest and open review, all words and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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