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Thursday, 31 October 2019
Schleich are a German company who are best known for their collection of realistic, hand-painted animals. However, since then they've progressed and now make everything from dinosaurs to unicorns too. Schleich is a brand we have reviewed previously, and one we have always been so happy to have, its a brand well-loved by our family. 

Recently, we were asked if we would like to review some of the Schleich Horse Club range, which I knew Isla would absolutely love. Within the set we received, we had the Rider Café, Mia and Spotty and Hannah's Guest Horses with Ruby the Dog. 

When we received them, and Isla saw what was in the box she couldn't wait to get them open and to start playing, so we sat together and as I built each set in-turn, Isla would play with them. 

Rider Café
Horse fans will love the Rider Café 'Cups and Saddles' playset, where there is always delicious apple pie or a glass of refreshing lemonade and feed for the horses on offer. The four HC friends also like to spend their afternoons here, which is why it fits perfectly into the Horse Club world. 

The Rider Café came with individual bags of pieces, which were all to be individually put together, there are over 60 pieces however, it really didn't take that long to put together. Once all together the building is really sturdy with the main pieces not really coming back apart. The oven opens and closes within the set, and there are other little detailings such as a coffee machine, a till and tables and chairs for the customers, literally everything you could imagine for your children's imaginations to run free. Outside the café is an area where horses can be tethered up, whilst riders have a catch-up with friends. 

Mia and Spotty
Horse Club Mia and her horse Spotty includes a Mia fully articulate figurine, saddle and bridle are all detachable. Mia can ride, stand and grip! Hannah's little sister Mia and her cute Shetland pony mare Spotty are also part of the party, and together they cause a bit of mayhem at the Lakeside riding school. 

The Mia and Spotty set came without any building necessary, the only building which we needed to do was to place the saddle onto Spotty. The set was completed with some little accessories such as a step to help Mia up onto Spotty. 

Hannah's Guest Horses with Ruby the Dog
Introducing the new Hannah's Guest Horses playset, which can be played with individually or combined with other sets in the series. There's a white picket corral, two exclusive horse figurines, stable dog Ruby plus kennel to sleep in not to mention plenty of accessories to add to the play experience. 

This set is a lovely set which can be used alongside other sets or individually. Ruby, the dog, has an interchangeable bone and stick so you can choose which she carries. There is also a lovely kennel with the set, with a storage part too. The only thing that let this set down was the lack of a rider. Whilst it's obvious the mother is looking after her foul, it would have been nice to have a rider to at least overlook them. 

The overall detailing in the Schleich Horse Club sets is amazing, each of the horses have amazing detailing throughout and the accessories within the set do too. All sets are able to be played with individually or linked together to create a bigger play setting. 

We loved that different parts were removable such as the reins, to make the set more realistic. Each of the characters appear to differ with the movements they can make, in the café set, Tom the waiter can move his arms and legs, however, his legs remain vertical so he would not be able to ride the horses. 

Overall, these sets have been a huge hit with Isla, she's been playing with them every day since we received them for review, some days it will be a quick play with the horses, other days I will find her creating a whole scene. 

Each of the above sets are available from Smyths Toys amongst other good retailers. If your little one loves the Schleich Horse Club there is also a fan page, where there is lots of fun activities. 

Please Note: We received these toys in exchange for an open and honest review. All words and opinions are my own. 

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