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About Us

Hello and Welcome to my blog!
I'm Zoe and I live in the Midlands with my little boy Jack. Not forgetting our army of fish, dog and two kittens.
It's never quiet and pretty much always hectic here, but thats just the way we like it, most of the time.
I initially started this blog as a way to document Jacks life and memories, something to look back on in years to come when we've grown up. Its turned into somewhere I can share experiences, develop and learn and escape chaos for five minutes. 

About Me...
So as I said, I'm Zoe, a level 3 qualified nursery nurse. However, I'm now a qualified pharmacy dispenser and work full time within a pharmacy. Writing my blog keeps my sanity and is now something I class as a hobby, but besides spending time with my family I love to just relax and unwind. 

About Jack... 
Jack was born February 20th 2012, our surprise little baby - but none the less loved! Jack was diagnosed with reflux shortly after birth, which lead to other problems and now also suffers with excema. Jack is a happy outgoing toddler who is always on the move. He's a typical boy and loves to get dirty and basically eat mud, given half the chance. 

About the pets... 
Pets are a big part of our life, we currently have a crazy dog, Abbie! She loves nothing more then cuddles, eating and walks - oh and pigeons
We also have an army of fish, which began as a pet goldfish as a birthday present for Jack which now sees us own a 260l tropical tank to which we are considering getting a marine. How that happens from a goldfish I'm yet to work out but still. 
We now also have two kittens, who are a completely crazy but still we love them. They are really active.

So yes, thats a little about us, you will often see us all pop up on the blog. 

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  1. My husband is a police volunteer too. Something that he enjoys doing and that is something that we have in common=) #pocolo