Close Parent; Caboo Baby Carrier

Saturday, 25 August 2012
Close Parent; Caboo Baby Carrier.

When Jack was younger he would have a lot of attention due to his reflux, however when he would go to sleep I was able to do my household jobs. As Jack got older he slept less (sleep has always been a problem in the daytime), making getting my jobs done difficult as Jack required the attention. The first time I went out for a full day was to The Baby Show with my friend. I'd never experienced Jacks required amount of attention when shopping until now. Jack required being carried half way round, this was difficult whilst attempting to push my pushchair. That's when I thought I should buy a Baby Sling. I looked at all the different styles whilst we were there and fell in love with the Close Parent Caboo

Close Parent was set up by two people who had met because they both believed in the sam ethics and passion for caring for the enviroment. Martine had a buisness selling re-useable nappies, whilst Claire had a buisness selling baby slings. They both joined together in 2004 and set up Close Parent. Close Parent now sell a variety of natural parenting sources, still including the reusable nappies and baby slings.

I purchased my sling from the show as they had show discounts. The staff on the stand were very helpful, explained the choice of slings and demonstrated how to put it on. I was worried about Jack falling out, but they reassured me he would be fine. Once I got home I decided to try it out. I was impressed that it folded into itself in the bag which is also part of the sling making it easy to store. This was key for me as I wouldn't require to use it all the time.

When I fetched it out of the bag it looked so confusing to put together, however the instructions are so simple and easy to follow so made this task easier.  Once it was assembled and I was wearing my Caboo I just had to put Jack in to try it out. I needed to see if it was comfortable for both myself and Jack. It was so simple to put Jack in, and very comfortable for the both of us.

The next day we used this when Jack required his attention but I needed to do my jobs. Jack was happy to be carried around the house in the Caboo and helping me get my jobs done. Jack didn't slide down or fall out!!

The Caboo is designed and made very well. The stitching and joins are perfect with no loose or straying parts, even after much use. Also the rings to tie together are good, they keep the sling at a distance required, occasionally with a little slack. I could not wish for a better sling design for one that is easily storeable.

I have since used the Caboo quite a lot and even give it a good few goes in the washing machine. Even now Jack is bigger we can still use the Caboo as he can face outwards being able to see the world. This he enjoys very much as not only is he close to mummy, but he can also be nosey. The Caboo can be used from NewBorn upwards and the weight range is 2.3-14.5kg (5-32lbs). The Caboo washes really well too. Its made from 100% Organic Cotton also making it Earth Friendly.

 The Caboo retails at £59.99.
It also comes in a variety of colours and is available online or at good retailers.

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  1. There's nothing exceptional about it that would have me recommend it to someone who isn't already following the story, but it might be worth looking at when the entire arc is collected and available for a lower price.



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