Dudley Zoo and Castle

Saturday, 25 August 2012
23rd August 2012; 25Weeks Old

My friend and myself took our children to Dudley Zoo and Castle. We both enjoy trips to zoo's and safari's so we thought as it was nice and we had no where planned we would take the children to the local zoo. My friends child is only 12weeks older than Jack so not much difference. We arrived there for about 11am so some of the crowds had already gone through the entrance. Children under 3 are free and my friend and I had a two for one voucher so paid just £13, however if you don't want to include a donation it is £11.80.
We stopped and looked at each and every animal so the children made the most of the day, even if they didn't understand. They had many different kinds of animals there, some which we didn't get chance to look at for different reasons. The animal enclosures surround the castle and are built on the grounds, so as you walk around you eventually get to the castle. Near the castle there is a resturant, which supply food and drinks, also a toilet stop. The only toilets here are at the beginning near the entrance, just a bit further down then the entrance in monkey tails, and the others are in the resturant or in the castle. There is a new chairlift there and also a land train which you can go on, however we didn't go on either of these so I am unable to review.
Unfortunately, as this zoo is built on castle grounds it is very hilly and some of the hills are extremly steep. In some locations there is only steps so you have to walk a longer way for a slope. Also, we were unable to go into Lemur walk as you had to leave the pushchairs outside. We didn't go into the castle so unable to comment on what it is like using a pushchair around the castle. Other than this it is a lovely place to visit with many different animals and attractions. I believe that both of the children enjoyed the day out, and enjoyed seeing the animals.

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