Severn Valley Railway

Saturday, 25 August 2012
25th July 2012; 21Weeks Old

Today we went on yet another family day out, this time to the Severn Valley Railway. My partner would visit the Railway with his Grandad when he was younger and wants to do the same with Jack so with it being a lovely sunny day we decided to take Jack to visit a railway. Again, maybe he wouldn't understand what was happening but he seemed to enjoy it and being nosey out of the windows. We did the whole 16 Mile track both ways. We visited the railway museum at Kidderminster and The Engine House half way along the line. This was a full days out trip as you could stop at any station and get off to look around. I would recommended this railway to anyone with children who love trains or even parents would love trains. Very enjoyable day out.

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  1. this brings back memories, my husband was really interested in this railway. long way for us to go again now though



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