GumiGem Teething Necklace

Saturday, 1 September 2012

GumiGem Teething Necklace.

Before Jack was born I would wear fashion necklaces all the time. However, once Jack was able to grab hold of things and pull at them I had to stop wearing them. I missed having the extra burst of colour to my outfit but this was a part of becomming a mummy. Once Jack started teething I was searching around for items to help with teething, this is when I came across GumiGem.

GumiGem was set up by Jenny McLaughlan, a mum of two from Scotland. When on maternity leave with her second child Jenny came up with this idea as he was a big teether who grabbed onto everything. GumiGem is now a UK based, family run buisness providing teething jewellery and providing mummy's with stylish accessories.

When looking at there product range I was impressed by the amount of choice available, I decided to have a Disc Pendant in Full Moon as I thought this would go with most outfits as it has a pearly shimmer. Once the pendant arrived I couldn't wait to give it a try so popped it on to test for myself. I couldn't resist not having a feel myself so had a bit of a taste. There was no aparent taste to this pendant and it was quite flexable and didn't leave teeth marks. Therefore, I felt nothing that could put Jack off using it. I gave the necklace to Jack so he could investigate it. Jack tested both the pendant and the cord, but once he finally figured it out would constantly chew on the pendant.

The one thing I love about this necklace is it doesn't look like a teething product, it looks like a stunning piece of jewellery. The cord has a clasp at the back which will snap open if the cord is pulled too tightly.
Please note these necklaces are to be worn by the adult and not left with the child as they are a hazard with the cord; Jack was never left unsupervised.

GumiGem's range includes necklaces and bangles and the necklaces start at a price of £10.00

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