Mothercare MyChoice 3

Monday, 3 September 2012
Mothercare MyChoice 3.

When I first had Jack I had a SilverCross 3D Travel System, but different factors encourage me to change this travel system when Jack was only 5weeks old. One of these factors was Jack had become too long for the 'Pram' part and this was one of the parts I liked the most with Jack being newborn. When reconsidering my choice of pushchair I was looking for something that had a bigger pram part for my newborn, and also one which folded up smallish to fit in my boot of my car, which was pretty small. I took a trip to the local Mothercare and looked at the pushchairs in which they had on display. I fell in love with the quinny and mothercare mychoice, after speaking with a member of staff, I was plesently surpirsed to learn the mychoice is made by the same people who make quinny's. That is when I made my ultimate decision to go for the My Choice 3

One of the best things about the Mothercare MyChoice is it comes in either 3 or 4 wheel design, and also a range of seat unit colours. Also, you can have the pushchair in three different modes. Either as a pram, then as a pushchair you can have it parent facing or world facing; all of this from one seat unit. Therefore, compared to the SilverCross I previously had, this pram unit was much larger giving Jack more room. Also, if you still want it as a travel system, you can pair it with a Maxi Cosi car seat. The handle on this pushchair is fully adjustable, so suitable for both short and tall people, again making it much easier for Daddy to push. The brakes on the unit is one single button which is easily put on by pushing it down with one foot, it even can be done with flip-flops on.

The MyChoice folds down really small as each individual wheel can come off, the unit folds down almost completely flat and the seat unit also comes off folding pretty flat. This is perfect for space saving, or in my case fitting in my small carboot. This is a benefit to this pushchair as even when you place the wheels back on you know it is still sturdy as they lock into place. The front wheel on the My3 is a swivel wheel but can also be locked into place when on an unsteady surface, saving your pushchair going awol. The wheels are also quite large giving your baby a smooth ride along. We often go on walks to the local country park which has a range of surfaces, most of which are uneven, and Jack can hardly feel the change in surface and always has a smooth ride.

The only fault I can find about this pushchair is the size of the shopping basket. It is quite small and only secures with velcro so not very secure. However, I use a Buggy Buddy Clip when going shopping so not too much of a problem anymore.

It is very easy to put the pushchair together and there are number on the frame which you use to put it up and fold away. Also, there is a button to change it from car seat to seat unit otherwise you will struggle to get them off. On the seat unit there is a silver button either side with you press in which allows you to take the seat unit off to fold it away. It is very easy to put together and also fold away, and especially quick when you get used to it.

When I purchased this pushchair it came in a range of 5 colours, however from looking on the Mothercare website I can see it now only comes in a choice of black or red. The pushchair is sold in two seperate parts, but the whole pushchair costs around £370 but you canoccasionally find it included within the sale at a much lower price.

I would throughly recommend this travel system to new parents, especially those who walk alot or go on uneven surfaces often as the larger wheels really are a big help for a smoother ride.

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  1. I've also got a MyChoice which I'm really pleased with. I went for the red one which is probably a bit of a mistake as it shows up every mark rather more than the black one would, but other than that I think it's a great pushchair.

    Really informtive article by the way. Thank you!



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