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Tuesday, 18 September 2012
Some mothers, and non mothers will be able to agree with me that after birth it is difficult to loose the weight in which you gained during pregnancy. I understand it takes nine months for your body to gain all the extra pounds so you should allow a similar amount of time too loose the weight and for your body to recover. However, I struggled with my weight before getting pregnant with Jack; I was attending my local Weight Watchers and at first was loosing weight, then I started to gain weight and couldn't understand why. I understood that once a month I would be heavier due to retaining water, but it was getting a regular occurrence, then I found out I was pregnant. I decided at that point to give up on Weight Watchers to give my child a healthy start during my pregnancy. After Jack was born, again I struggled with my weight loss, but decided that eventually it would come off; I'd just been through birth and didn't need to worry myself straight away. When Jack was 4Months I joined Slimming World as my mum lost a lot of weight with these a few years back, and my dad was currently doing it and loosing lots of weight. However, yet again I struggled; my first week I lost an amazing 8lbs, but then was putting it all on again. What was I doing wrong? After continuing to gain weight, I let myself down and also gave up Slimming World. I had no motivation at this point as I was having a lot of family stress.
Jack is now coming up to 7months old; I am yet again going to try to loose weight thinking third time lucky. In order to achieve my weight loss I am going to follow tips I learnt within my weight loss classes, and include as much exercise as possible, which is difficult to fit in at present. However, I have Zumba for my Wii so will attempt that. I am also going to drink as much water as possible. I currently don't drink a lot during the day, maybe one or two glasses. I shall also be cooking meals with less fat and salt content to help the whole family. Including more vegetables on the plate, especially super vegetables. Finally eating more fruit throughout the day also.
I currently feel motivated to loose this weight; I want Jack to have a 'Yummy Mummy' and a healthy mum. I am also going on holiday next year so would love to feel confident in my outfits again.


  1. I found making my carb portions smaller and veg bigger has helped me lots =) I drink lots more water now, always have an old juice bottle filled up in the fridge, and herbal teas rather than a builders brew=) Good luck!

  2. I'm also trying to loose weight we should do it together spur each other on x

    1. I Agree. I shall hopefully be starting mine on Monday. Will be weighing in on Monday anyway.
      I'll be updating on my blog if you would like to follow along. x

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  4. The best way to lose weight is healthy diet and exercise. And it takes discipline and sacrifice to achieve the shape you desire. You don't have to be alone in reaching your goal, for there are companies out there that offer services to help you balance your health and wellness.

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  5. have a look at this post http://mymillsbaby.co.uk/2013/06/no-more-excuses-im-shifting-the-baby-weight-plus-tips-from-a-personal-trainer/

    Gemma has some good advices for mums



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