NUBY Teething Blankie

Friday, 30 November 2012
Teething Blankie

Finally within our package we received a teething Blankie. This is a small blanket toy with a teething surface on each corner, the blanket also crinkles and has a squeaky toy within the centre. The blanket consists of bright colours and is suitable for either gender. The corner teething surfaces are bright and all have a different texture, helping relieve pain and soothe gums. The squeaky animal is also great within the centre as it takes the babies mind off teething. Jack wasn't able to squeeze this himself but enjoyed it when I did it for him, either smiling or giggling. The blanket is really light so easy for a child to pick up, even children younger than ajack. Finally the blanket has five ribbon parts on the top, which Jack enjoys rubbing along his head, especially when he is sleepy. Overall, I think this is a great teething toy, as not only does it have the soothing toys, it also is bright and colourful with activities to take the child's mind off teething. These blankets come in four different bright designs and retail at £4.99

This review is part of my NUBY mummy blogger series.
Please Note: These products were sent to me by NUBY for the purpose of this review, all opinions and wording are my own. 

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