Clevamama Clevafoam Pillow Review

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

ClevaFoam Pillows. 
Clevamama was created by sisters Martina Delaney and Suzanne Browne. The company is multi-award winning renowned for its innovative, well-designed and practical baby products. Clevamama’s motto is designed by mums for mums; they strive to create innovative products to make every parent’s lives easier. ‘We have developed a solid partnership with world renowned leaders such as Trinity College Dublin and Enterprise Ireland to keep us at the forefront of pioneering research and product development.’ As Clevamama is based in Ireland, all products carry a Guaranteed Irish Logo.
There is a lot of differentiating information regarding using a pillow with your babies, which can often lead to confusion. As many of you will know Jack is/was a reflux sufferer and laying him flat for a sleep was often difficult due to the sickness so I would sometimes lay a small pillow underneath him to raise his head a little; I only wish I had known about the ClevaFoam pillows back then. The pillow comes in two sizes, I was sent the larger of the two, which is a lovely neat size, (50cm x 30cm x 5.5cm). This is the toddler pillow which is suitable from 12months+. It is scientifically proven to protect the round shape of your baby’s head and keep the correct alignment of their head and spine. When we first got the pillow, Jack was a little unsure and would start the night on the pillow but then end up elsewhere. However; now after using the pillow for a short while he has now gotten used to it and spends the whole night on it. The pillow is breathable so stays dry and the cover is washable. I have washed the cover and it washes and dries really well. ‘The pillow reduced the pressure on the child's cranium by almost 50 per cent, while providing more than 80 per cent more contact with the head. ClevaFoam™ moulds to the contours of the child's head offering optimum support and pressure relief.’ I would definitely recommend this pillow to other parents; especially parents with reflux sufferers. It is not too high so doesn’t raise the head height by too much.

Please Note. These products were sent to me from Clevamama for the purpose of this review, all opinions and wording are my own.

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